Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th: SW3 goes to sudden death!

I have no idea why, but Sock Wars 3 went to the sudden death round today. Over 25% of the warriors are still alive, including yours truly. The sudden death part involves mailing a postcard or letter or something more creative to the Supreme Commander. I'm sending a postcard of The Big Chicken. I'm sending it because it is a local landmark and because big chickens (deserters, flakers) in the war must be a major headache.

My socks of death are on the way from Holly in the U.K. I'm going to be really cautious when opening my mailbox today. ::later:: No socks.

It appears that the SWTC people who sponsored Sock Wars 3 found out about this little twist at the same time the warriors did. Those are nice, generous people and treating them this way was Not Cool.

If anybody's looking for me, I'll be swearing and throwing beads finishing up last week's Slow Bee clue. If I survive, I'll be starting on BYOB from the new Knitty. If I don't survive, that second B will definitely be a bottle of something.

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