Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIP Wednesday

No pictures because it is getting too dark and I don't want to fight with the camera.

Love is Love shawl:  I got caught up with the big long clue.  I was so happy.  I put the shawl in the project bag and thought I could ignore it for awhile.  The next morning the new clue appeared.  I've been slogging away on it.

The Serious Queue of Socks
  • Time Warp:  one done, one cuff in progress.
  • Coffee Cantata:  the yarn I bought didn't have the right texture.  I looked to see what other people used.  The ones I liked were all done with Wollmeise.  Guess who ordered two skeins of it from Germany?  It's a birthday prezzie for me.
  • Hello, Sweetie:  I restarted these with yarn I thought was more suitable.  I'm not sure about the suitability plus I appear to have again lost the ability to count.  I actually set these aside and worked exclusively on the shawl last night.
  • Scrappie:  starts October 1
  • Cableship:  starts October 6
I've been pretty good about not starting new things or acquiring more patterns.  This means, of course, that there will be new things arriving for the stash.  Not too many.  Just one three month club.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Oh I have stash arriving too.....and I'm searching for a pattern I know I bought (says so on the receipt...but can't seem to locate...sigh...