Saturday, September 3, 2016

Shopping Saturday

It had to happen.  As soon as I typed "I don't need more yarn", I was off looking for more yarn.

There's a knitalong I'm doing next month that recommends a specific yarn.  I found a shop online and ordered it.  At the same time, I discovered new Arne & Carlos colorways.  They were on sale.  The only downside was the colorways I liked the best were sold out.  I have controlled myself so far and not looked for them elsewhere.  I did buy one of the second favorite colors along with a Kaffe Fassett colorway.

The shipping notice email arrived.  I didn't notice that the specific yarn comes in more than one weight.  I accidentally ordered laceweight and I wanted fingering.  I really hate it when I do things like that.  I wonder if it's a basic senior moment or something worse.

I went to Ravelry to get the yarn's name and made a neat discovery.  There's button in a yarn listing for showing all buying options.  If you click it, you can do price comparisons.  Another excellent feature from Casey the code monkey.  Thank you, Casey!  I found it for $5 under the price that most places sell it.  

I want to do the Coffee Cantata socks which take 500 yards for the large size.  The shop had their house brand yarn on sale and it was 500+ yards for less than you would pay for a standard 400 yard skein.  My fingers are crossed that I read everything correctly.

I think it is time to put down the knitting and pick up my Nintendo 3DS and pop that Concentration Training program in. 

Now where did I put the charger?