Wednesday, September 7, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I've gone from one WIP to a whole bunch with a couple more waiting in the wings.

The Love is Love shawl is now big enough that the needle cable won't let it be stretched out very well for a picture.  Okay, I did take a picture and it didn't come out well.  Per usual.  We got a huge clue this time so I haven't caught up get.

The Philosophy is Kindness socks are about 3/4 done.  These are the front and back:

The Knit from Stash socks for September use leftovers:

In the wings are Sprinkle Socks.  They use the splatter type yarn that I love.  I don't know whether I'll use Invictus Yarn's Koi colorway or one of the Hedgehog colors.  I've been itching to try them.

Since the Knit from Stash yarns were originally going to use Hell in High Heels,  I'm going to use it to make Hello Sweetie.  It's a sock pattern from Heidi Nick who did the Philosophy sock pattern above.  I don't know if the yarn will work with the pattern.  The names work together perfectly.

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