Friday, August 5, 2016

FO Friday

I've been trying to get projects done to clear the decks for Ravellenics.  Cast on is 8 pm, I think.  My greatest success for the week was locating all four pins from previous games.  They were in three different places.

I made some mini mittens.  These are little versions of some of Spilly Jane's designs.  I managed to miss the spot for one of the thumbs.  Since these won't be worn by anyone, I created what is probably the world's only Afterthought Thumb.  They'll be nicer after a blast or two of steam.

June's Knit from Stash.  I'm going through the camera fight again.  Four tries and they are all blurry.

July's Knit from Stash.  They also could use some steam but it's too humid and I'm too crabby to go and do it right now.  The yarn color's off.  It's called Sherbet and looks like orange and raspberry sherbet.

August's Knit from Stash are in progress.  I might get them done by tonight, but probably won't.  I didn't get around to celebrating Chocolate Chip Cookie day yesterday so I'm going to do that right now.

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diannamcheck said...

Mittens are adorable!!! Great socks!!! No FOs here :(