Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Officially, I have only one WIP.  It's my Life in the Trees afghan.  I'm about 75% done.  This is the center:

Unofficially, I have another WIP.  The designer released a pre-clue for those who wanted to get started.  It has an exotic cast on that I was unwilling to learn, so I faked it.  The flower in the middle was totally unplanned.  Thank you, Arne and Carlos for your fun yarn that did it.  I don't imagine that there will be anything that cool coming up as the shawl gets larger, but you never know.

I finished a bunch of stuff.  It may appear on Friday.

1 comment:

diannamcheck said...

Gorgeous blanket!!!!! Can't wait to see the cal as you add to it!