Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Progress on the Love is Love shawl:

The second colored section is a circle of hearts.  I'm not entirely sure they would show up even in a solid color, the way that I knit. 

My new sock projects are the Peace patterns from Heidi Nick.  She does a lot of patterns with cables on them.  I like that.

The September Knit from Stash pattern should be showing up soon.  I've got one or two more patterns that should show up in the next month or so.  I'm trying really hard not to buy yarn for them, but it is difficult.  One was designed using a specific kind of multicolored yarn that I don't have (surprising, isn't it?).  I got an email from a favorite dyer that is having a sale. 

I don't need more yarn.  I don't need more yarn.

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