Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Here's a quick shot of what's in progress:
The pinkish one is Knit From Stash July
The purplish one is Knit From Stash June
The stripey one is Where You Lead I Will Follow

They are all sitting on the big bag with the afghan in it.  I was making good progress on it for awhile.  After the halfway point it was obvious I was not going to be happy with a woolly blankie on my lap in 90+ degree weather.  I wasn't that much in the mood to do socks, so I've been alternating between three different patterns.  It's goofy, but it works for me.

The final Tour de Sock pattern comes out at 1 am.  It involves solid or semisolid yarn, something like a 7-sided die or a spinner with 7 choices on it and a coin that will give clear heads or tails.  There was no mention of a cable needle, but we're all suspecting cables.  The heads or tails might give a left or right twist to the cable.  The 7 choices?  It might have something to do with the number of rounds knit or the number of stitches twisted.  We're all pretty sure that no two of us will have exactly the same socks.  Possibly even the pairs won't' match.  Anyway, I've got 7 stitch markers in a little bag and a 1 franc coin for heads or tails.

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