Wednesday, July 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I'm a little bit burned out on sock knitting.  There are two more pair for Tour de Sock, so I'm working on other things at least until that's done.

I bailed out on a mystery knitalong earlier this year.  The yarn I bought for it has been sitting in a big tote bag, glaring at me.  I found an afghan pattern for free on Lion Brand's site.  It's going pretty well so far.  It's more fun than socks and the yarn isn't mad at me any more.
That's about half of it.  The other half has the same leafy pattern.

The yarn for the knitalong has been dealt with, but what about the pattern?  It wasn't the pattern's fault I couldn't get the correct gauge for an afghan.  The pattern's pretty cool.  You have two choices of patterns for 18 different sections.  I saw some of the patterns done as scarves and decided that was what I should do.  I'm going to use up some fingering weight stash yarn, which is good.  I'm going to make it for Ravellenics 2016.  Eighteen stripes, seventeen days of the events that will be occurring in Rio (I'm not sure I can use the O-word without being accused of denigrating the games).  Seems  do-able.

Projects that are not quite in progress are a shawl and some socks.  The shawl pattern is a fund raiser for the families of the Orlando victims.  The sock pattern is a Gilmore Girls themed pattern.  I know I said I was burned out on socks, but it's Gilmore Girls!  Also the pattern won't be available until Tour de Sock is almost over.

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