Friday, July 8, 2016

Danger, hot weather

It's hot.  My a/c doesn't work.  It would take a couple of guys with sharp weed cutting things to clear a path to the unit and I am not sure where to find people like that.  The only place in the house that's reasonably comfortable is in front of the computer.  There's a fan blowing nice cool-ish air on me.

I've been clicking around, trying to avoid the latest news of what horrible things people have been doing to each other.  One of my Ravelry Friends got the cutest darn set of sock yarn stuff from Simply Socks.    There's a project bag with a print of vegetable seed packets.  The stitch markers look like little vegetables.  The yarn matches everything.  It's sold out, so don't go looking for it.  At least I didn't have to talk myself out of buying it.  Simply Socks has such a nice variety of sock yarn that I did have to talk myself out of browsing the site.  No more new yarn until a bunch of the old stuff is used up!

Now where can I go that won't either tempt me or make me worry endlessly about what this world is coming to?

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