Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stop me before I shop some more

I wanted to cheer myself up after that Tour de Sock fail, so it meant yarn shopping.  Invictus had some more speckled/splattered yarn and I managed to get some this time.  I bought a skein of the spiral yarn so that the speckled skein wouldn't be lonesome being shipped across the country.

I watched the entire (so far) Gilmore Girl series while I was Tour de Sock-ing.  This resulted in a dangerous shopping situation.  Etsy is always showing you things it thinks you might like.  I'm not sure how it managed to figure out I'd like Gilmore Girls inspired yarn, but it did.  I managed not to buy any, but did favorite the shop for future reference.  The shop also had Doctor Who yarn.  I imagine temptation will call me back there eventually.

I looked at the non-yarn GG stuff that was on Etsy.  Since I have a Hep Alien tshirt and  Dragonfly and Luke's mugs, not much called out to me.  I only bought a keyring that says "rattlesnake hockey puck monkey monkey underpants".  That sounds really idiotic to most people, but it make me happy.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

There recently was a Gilmore Girl sock club. I decided not to participate. I don't think I have any GG stuff, I need to get on that! Well I do own all the seasons.

Paula said...

GG's one of my favorite shows ever. You do know about the new ones coming up? I think on Netflix. The whole cast's back (except for Richard because of Edward Hermann passing away). I hope they'll be available on DVD so I can really have all the seasons.