Friday, June 10, 2016

Finished Object Friday

I attempted to get a bunch of things done before Tour de Sock started on June 1.

The pillow with the start of Beowulf in old English finally was pillow-fied:
It was a sock pattern that I modifed to cover a pillow.  It's just the sort of goofy project that appeals to me.

After doing the pillow, I lined the pink cabled backpack that has been collecting dust.  I also lined the Sheep Tote:
It still needs eyelets and the handles.  It was an interesting project.  I've been doing crochet even longer than I have knitting.  I've never done colorwork like this before.

The Null Hypothesis scarf is done, just in time for 90+ degree weather.
The Winslow Arizona socks are done.  They've got beads and cables and lace that are pretty much invisible:

Tour de Sock #2 begins tomorrow night.  I'm ready.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Love that sheep tote! Great projects! I'm getting caught up reading blogs....last couple weeks of school were exhausting...