Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mysteries in Progress

I've got a bunch of things in progress.  This time I'll report on the mystery knitalongs.  Ever done one?  You get the pattern in pieces, like one portion each week for a month.

I signed up for a new one which will be several pairs of socks.  The first pair is called The Globe, after the theater Shakespeare made famous.  All I've got done is about an inch of the cuff on each so no picture.  Actually I had a picture but it came out blurry.  How can I take three pictures in a row and one of them doesn't come out correctly?

This is week 36 (of 46) of my mystery garden afghan.  I'm crocheting borders around the knitted squares so they all are roughly the same size.
The borders will look better when it is assembled.  This was the last square using some Knit Picks Chroma.  I like how the colors change.

This is week 3 (of 6, I think) of the Russian-themed Zolotoy knitalong:
Blocking will help these a lot.  The pattern's fun.

Now go see what the other folks are working on via Tammy.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those socks are gorgeous!!! Not sure I would be up for all those twisted stitches.

Anonymous said...

I doubt I'll ever do a mystery knit-along. Part of my process in choosing a yarn to use is envisioning how it will look with the pattern. A busy pattern will look awful unless the yarn is relatively plain, a plain pattern can be enlivened by a variegated yarn. However, making afghan blocks is a relatively safe way to participate in such a thing. Hmmm. Something to consider.

Your projects look great, by the way. I really like that sock pattern.

Iris said...

Great projects and mystery KALs are so much fun, aren't they? :)