Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blogoversary +1

I missed my blogoversary which was yesterday.  I don't know how many years it has been.  5 maybe?

I try not to buy pattern books, much like I try not to add to my stash.  Sometimes it is just better to buy something.  If I buy a book or yarn and it gets me free shipping, this is a good thing.  I have something to show for the money spent.  I think that is how I ended up with Needles and Artifice.  It also may have been on sale.  It is an adventure story with knitting patterns.  The story is a fun, steampunk-ish tale of the Ladies of Mischief.  I have to say that I enjoyed the story a bit more than the patterns.  The patterns were fine.  I'm not criticizing them.  They just didn't suit me.  I don't do cowls and mitts.  I don't do cropped anything.  And corsets?  No.

It does include one pattern that has tempted me ever since I first saw it:  the Null Hypothesis Scarf.  Let me go snag a picture of it.
Here's what the book had to say about it:
The Ladies all said no one in their right mind would knit a six foot long double knit scarf with a non-repeating pattern!  So Dr. Erma Melanogaster set out to prove them wrong.  However, the good doctor didn't realize her stunning success failed to contradict the Ladies proclamation, as she is seldom of her right mind herself.

I think Dr. Melanogaster and I have something in common.

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