Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Spectra scarf.  I'm making it to use up a bunch of little Tosh Merino sock yarn samples.  It is a clever pattern, easy to memorize yet with enough going on that you don't get bored easily.
I'm not letting myself start anything new until I clear out out a few things.  We'll see how long that lasts.  I signed up for a Halloween sock mystery knitalong about five minutes after I made that decision.  My excuse is that the price of the pattern is being donated to UNICEF.

The three KALs I'm in already are up to date.  Only 8 more squares to go in the mystery afghan.

The Zolotoy mystery socks are almost done.  They look much as they did in the last picture but longer so I'm not going to do a picture.

Let's see if I can get a reasonable shot of the Globe socks:
The real dark color is shaded purple and blue, but much more on the blue side than what shows here.

I'll be glued to the Doctor Who marathon for the next several days. I saw a big screen 3D version of the last two episodes of the most recent season last night.  I'm not much into 3D, but the intro with the titles and stuff was very, very cool.  Also, Psycho Mary Poppins (aka Misty) is even scarier in 3D.  Hmmm, maybe this is a good excuse to drop everything and start that Doctor Who Christmas sock up again.

Now go see what Tammy and friends have been up to this week.

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Chris Behme said...

I love that dcarf!! And the socks are interesting.