Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Who in progress Wednesday

I returned to working on struggling with the Doctor Who Christmas sock this week.  The new season started and I thought it would be good to knit something Who-ish. 

There are many things about this pattern that baffle me.  Why did the pattern have the words "OH YES" on either side of the cyberman?  (That's the little gray thing you can hardly see because of my bad choice in yarn).  I replaced them with the little holly leaves.  Why does the pattern have a band of little fishes on the foot? Why didn't the designer post a picture of the completed sock so I at least had a chance of guessing on what to do?  The front of the foot says to continue in pattern.  At that point, no pattern is in progress so there's nothing to continue.  Arrgh!  I'm doing the Christmas tree again.  I expect to run out of the blue background yarn before it is done.  I also expect that the gusset decreases will be done before the tree is done.  This may also cause a problem.

I'm going to finish it more for colorwork practice than anything else.  Some of the worst of it may block out.

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