Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Work in Progress? Wednesday

I'm going through one of those phases where most of what I work on doesn't look good to me. 

Mystery afghan square looks okay.

Alice in Wonderland pillow continues, but the squares are not quite what I want them to be.  Sewing the squares together has been not fun.  I've done some seams multiple times and they still aren't good.

The Weeping Angel looks okay enough to send to my swap partner.  I don't think I'll try the other people I was thinking of making for her, though.

I knit a mini K-9 which is okay enough.  I've done this pattern at least twice before, so I don't know why it didn't come out better.

I'm about to switch over to the sewing projects.  Maybe a little vacation from yarn will make things look better. 

Go visit Yarn and Life and see some things done by people who like their work this week.  :)

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