Friday, May 1, 2015

Arne & Carlos yarn

I didn't have anything in progress to show yesterday.  It's because I finished a few things and had one fail.  You'd think I could tell the difference between a single and double crochet in a chart I've started twice.  Turns out I couldn't.  Duh.

I still went and clicked away at links of people who had things in progress.  This is dangerous because you can easily find patterns and yarn that you must have.  I bought one pattern where the proceeds go to Nepal.  That was a Good Thing.  The not good thing was Arne & Carlos self-patterning yarn from Regia.
It comes in six colors.  It was designed by the guys who do those great Scandinavian pattern books.  I like them and I must have this yarn.  My frantic search gave me little information.  I could buy it on eBay for $24 a ball.  That's not happening.  I might be able to find some in Europe.  The cost of shipping will probably bring it up to the eBay price.  Again, not happening.  Sellers everywhere are running out of it.  It's expected back in the USA in the fall.  Oh, well.  Many shiny objects will distract me before then.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I'm going to Norway in July...I'm hoping to find some there..ya' know their native country..I'll bring you back a ball...

Paula said...

That would be so great! If there's anywhere it might be found, it is Norway. Thank you.