Saturday, August 2, 2014

I started a sweater

I bought some yarn last year to make a sweater. I was afraid to start it. I made a sweater with yarn from the same dyer and the color varied from skein to skein. I didn't discover it until the sweater was done. The sweater looked awful and I had to toss it out. I didn't want a repeat performance but I did want to use the yarn. I switched patterns from a mostly solid to a mostly lace design. I'm working off of two balls at the same time: two rows of one ball then two rows of the other. So far it looks okay. I haven't totally abandoned my WIPs.
  • Bits of Color socks: There will be 12 patterns coming about every two weeks. They use up leftovers. This is the first one. The white was supposed to continue after the pattern, but I didn't like using the yarn. It's a 50/50 merino/tencel blend and lacks the flexibility of wool. The color's nice, though.
  • Whovian messenger bag: I was going to paper piece a TARDIS quilt block for the back. I tried it and discovered that I don't have the skill level for doing teeny tiny little bits of fabric. A new idea popped into my head for something else that's mostly quilted, uses some little embroidered pieces, and will be much easier.
  • Firefly mittens: I found the pattern and it appears I gave up on them when they came out way too big. I restarted them on 000 dpns and the size is good now. I alternate working on them with working on the Bits of Color socks.
  • Name of the Doctor scarf: It's on hold until I'm in the mood for double knitting or until I finish up some of these other projects.
  • Bunny slippers: Some of the pieces still need more felting/fulling. I'm tempted to toss the pieces in with some laundry and hope for the best.

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