Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Whovian scarf

I finished the smaller of the gargoyles.
He's sitting on a rock, by the way, not laying an enormous egg. I think those teeth are supposed to be pointing up, but it was hard for me to see on the pattern.

I worked on the back of my sweater for awhile, then had to take a computer break. That's where the mischief always starts. I spotted a new pattern by Franklin Habit. It's an illusion scarf called Longer on the Inside. If you look at it normally, it's a nice stripey scarf. If you look at an angle, Tardises appear. I've been wanting to try illusion knitting, so I attempted to purchase the pattern. Ravelry froze. I'm sure it was all my fault. Eventually it thawed out and I have the pattern.

Then the yarn drama began. I thought it would be too indulgent to make it in the Cascade 200 that the pattern called for. I spent a long time comparing the Cascade 220 to possible Wool of the Andes equivalents. I filled up my shopping basket at Knit Picks and saw the total. It wasn't terribly much cheaper and the colors weren't that great a match. Shopping basket was emptied and I then went on a Cascade 220 hunt. I got all the colors, but they are from three different shops. If you add shipping, it would've been better to stick with KP. What a silly knitter.

Now for something completely different, a groovy new knitting book is on the way. It's called The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook. Knitsonik aka Felicity Ford is the author. The theme is designing colorwork based on things you see that might inspire you. It's a Kickstarter-backed project so I get updates periodically. The latest on had pictures. Wow. Even if I never actually use the book, it'll be worth having just for the photography. The colors and patterns are amazing, too. It's a good think that it won't be available for a few more months or I'd be off hunting down more yarn.

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