Saturday, August 31, 2013

Look, a shiny object!

Lack of concentration and more than average frustration continue to rule. When I was here last, three socks were in progress.

Sock 1: too big. Project sent to hibernation.

Sock 2: not enough yarn. It's handspun that I got as a gift. I'm probably going to frog a sock and a half and use the yarn for something else.

Sock 3: very splitty 8-ply. There's only half a sock to go. It is pretty much knitknitknit to the end and I can't seem to force myself to finish.

The first SuperSockScarefest pattern comes out tomorrow, as does the first one for Sock Sniper. A sensible knitter would finish Sock 3 and wait patiently for the patterns to come out. I considered that, then took a look at my Ravelry recommendations. Oh look, there's a crochet version of a shawl I tried unsuccessfully to knit. I'm going to go do that.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

:) sorry things have not worked out on the sock front...I'm trying to finish the Age of Brass and Steam...then I need to make some mice..