Monday, September 2, 2013

Stash -4, Books +1

There's one thing that's certain in my life: if I have a positive balance in an online paying account, it won't stay that way for long. This week I was able to send off four balls of yarn I bought by mistake. How does one buy yarn by mistake? When one sees the yarn as a great bargain and then neglects to note the yarn weight. I thought it was fingering and it turned out to be DK.

Last night I was poking around Etsy. I decided to buy a couple of cross-stitch patterns I'd been wanting. I may be working on a cross-stitch project until my brain remembers how to knit properly. I still had a positive balance after that little shopping expedition.

It was Ravelry that finished off the rest. I happened upon a group that's going to work through Stephanie van der Linden's new book. I really enjoy her designs, so I got sucked in. The book, Op-Art Socks, hasn't been published yet. Interweave's got a deal right now where you can order the book and get the e-book immediately.

Not bad for a shopping mistake.

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