Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sheepy Solids

Here's the latest from Sheepy Time Knits Time Traveler club. The color's called Noble:
I'm glad that the last several offerings in this club have been pretty much solid. Here are the previous two, The Veiled Detective and Pandorica.
The knitalong through Stephanie van der Linden's book is going to require a whole lot of solid colors.

I am knitting again. I found a Mock (mystery sock) that's a lot of fun. The pattern's called One Love and it requires one to use the craziest wild multicolored yarn in your stash. I used a skein of Mad Color yarn. I thought it was crazy and wild until I saw some of the other colors people were coming up with. The sock has options for a tame version, but I'm having more fun with the wild one. It has dreadlocks.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I snorted at the last line...and I'm sure Mad Color is perfect yarn for this!

Paula said...

The pattern calls them tendrils, but they are clearly dreadlocks. I'll post pictures when they are done. I'm hoping that the last clue comes up tomorrow.