Monday, August 26, 2013

Knit one, two, three...oh look, a chicken!

My ability to concentrate has disappeared. My only excuse is that I was sick for a couple of days last week. When faced with the choice of knit or sleep, sleep won out every time. I think I've got a full-blown case of knitter's ADD.

I've got three pair of socks on the needles currently. I'm bored with all of them. I tried starting another afghan square, and managed to screw up a simple four row, four stitch repeat. Into the frog pond with you, afghan square.

The good news is this didn't start until after I shipped off my Doctor Who Odd Ducks swap. The bad news is, the recipient has had the package for several days and I've gotten no thanks. It's probably because the recipient is new to Odd Ducks and her camera phone is broken. It still is stressing me out not to know for sure if what I sent is okay.

I did get one thing done after that, though. The Super Sock Scarefest had a pre-scarefest pattern and I finished it:

The little guy in the middle is a vampire that someone made me in a swap awhile back. He's really cute. I used him in the picture because the yarn colorway is The Brat Prince (aka the vampire Lestat).

The actual start of the SSS is just days away. I better finish up at least one pair of the socks or I won't have any needles to spare.

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