Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

This is the flap on my East-West Satchel: It looks better than I thought it did when I put it to one side out of frustration. This is the third try. It needs to be done neatly because of a bunch of duplicate stitching done on top of it. Maybe I'll start working on it again.

I went digging through my oldest yarns for the Use It Or Lose It project. I saw a pattern I liked in my Ravelry recommendations that I thought I'd use with one of them. The pattern's written only in German. I ended up getting bits of it translated using Babel Fish. Between that, the charts, and the little bit of German I remember, it came out okay: It would've come out better with a different yarn, but I'm just glad it's almost done and the yarn's getting used.

Another UILI project is Dalekanium socks:

I've been switching off between projects. If I get bored or frustrated, I pick up something different. I'm actually getting more done this way.

Visit Tami's Amis for more works in progress.


Amy said...

Great sock progress! And your satchel is stunning - is it woven? Or intricate intarsia?

Paula said...

Part of it is stranded colorwork. The part in progress is intarsia. Horrible, frustrating intarsia. :)