Saturday, March 9, 2013

I have returned

My brother is improving slowly. He's getting lots of excellent therapy so improvement should continue. Fingers crossed.

WIPs and former wips:

  • E-W satchel: Haven't touched it since before the trip. The steeks seem to have gone okay and I started the flap on the satchel. That has not gone very well. It is intarsia with too many little stupid bobbins. There's an option for doing some of the detail work in duplicate stitch. I plan to frog what I've done and try it that way.
  • Striation Socks: finished.
  • Newton Socks: finished.
  • Ernie Socks: somewhere on the foot of the first sock.
  • Temperature Scarf: Tried restarting it yet again with a different pattern. I have yet to come up with a good way of dealing with all the ends. Weaving them in is sloppy and lumpy. It is going on hold until a solution presents itself.

A new project is in the works. I zoomed through the satchel so quickly (this was before the flap) that I thought I could add something new. Silly knitter. Kelso from Knit Picks is a short-sleeved pullover hoodie with a lace panel up the front. I splurged and ordered Sheepy Time Knits colorway of the month, Berry Pie.

Speaking of Sheepy Time, the Doctor Who sock club is going to return since this is the 50th anniversary year. I expect to sign up for it. I found this out about 12 hours after signing up for another club from Space Cadet Creations. I thought Sheepy Time wasn't going to do another round of Doctor Who, so that was my excuse.

I'm a very silly knitter with a whole lot of yarn.

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