Friday, February 1, 2013

Use It or Lose It

I've been having fun reading through people's WIP and FO blog posts. One of them referred to a Ravelry challenge called Use It or Lose It. Every four weeks you dig something out of your stash and either use it or get rid of it. It sounds like a great idea. I missed the first of the 13 time blocks for this year. However, my Elephant socks are using two qualifying skeins, so it makes up for it in my mind.

13 skeins in a year is not all that much when you're approaching SABLE (stash acqusition beyond life expectancy), but it should help some. It might even make me think twice the next time I just have to buy yarn. ::cue howls of laughter::

1 comment:

Carol said...

Your Candy Skein yarn is beautiful - it's hard to keep to a "no new acquisitions " plan isn't it?