Friday, February 15, 2013

Many started, nothing finished

I am having fun with the East Meets West Satchel, but it is going to take some time. It involves 20 different colors of fingering weight yarn, teeny needles, and many stitches.

I was distracted by a pattern for a cat nest. It looks a bit like an igloo. I crocheted it out of some old sugar n cream cotton. It is done, but neither cat has attempted to enter it yet. I think the entrance may be too small. I read somewhere that a cat's whiskers act like sensors. If they touch both sides of something, the cat thinks it won't be able to go in. Also the weight of three strands of cotton yarn tends to make the top collapse. I'm considering making the base a little smaller, the entrance a little bigger, and finishing it with a hook size smaller.

I haven't touched any of the three pair of socks in progress since the satchel yarn arrived.

I haven't touched the temperature scarf since the yarn and patterns arrived for the socks. I continue to record the daily highs in a little journal. I'm considering doing all the rows for each month once a month. I think it will result in fewer loose ends having to be worked in.

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