Friday, February 8, 2013

FO Friday

The Flight Socks are done:
The other pair of Cookie A from December are not done. There's still a chance I'll finish them before the February yarn and patterns arrive.

The year of the Snake is done:

I still haven't found the magazine that I used to have that has the Chinese Zodiac amigurumi in it. I bought a replacement off of eBay. I looked for the rest of the pattern information that used to be online, but it isn't there. I eventually found the complete pattern: in the free section at Vogue Knitting. D'oh!

This is a bathmat:

This was originally a sweater that looked horrible on me and then was frogged. I sold some of the yarn a couple of weeks ago and decided to use up the rest. I started a vest and frogged it. Note to self: there is nothing you want to wear that can be made with bulky weight cotton yarn. I'm nearly done with a second bathmat.

Time to see what things the folks at Tami's Amis have finished this week.


Jazz said...

Awesome projects! The snake is lovely.

Anonymous said...

The socks look awesome! And kudos for getting creative with yarn that just won't bend to your will.