Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

An update of last week's list:
  • Hopsalot Slippers: I know where the parts are. I might felt them soon.
  • Epic Tardis Afghan: 20 rows to go. It is so tedious that I'm doing 10 rows then making something else.
  • Temperature Scarf: three days behind.
  • Flight Socks: second sock syndrome continues. The yarn's dark blue and it's boring. I worked on the Elephant instead.
  • Luv Bots: Second bot needs wheels, but I ran out of the silver yarn I was using. I'll finish when the yarn arrives.
  • Water for the Elephants Socks: This is how my odd brain works. I needed a break in the afghan knitting, so the plan was to work on the Flight Socks. I couldn't get interested in starting the second sock, so I started the Luv Bots. When I ran out of Bot yarn, I still couldn't get interested in the second Flight Sock. I was looking through my queue and decided to start these:
    They are cute and fun to knit and the designer is giving the pattern away. I like them so much that I went back to Ravelry to see if I could buy another pattern as a thank you for this one. Darned if ALL of her patterns are free. I've got two or three more in my queue now.
  • Chinese Zodiac: once a year I crochet the new year's Chinese zodiac animal. I cannot find the pattern. It's an old issue of Knit.1 with some printed out pages stuck in the back of it. Looking for it is making me even crazier than usual.
Linky to Tami and other WIP People.


Word Lily said...

Ooh, you're doing a temperature scarf? How are you liking it so far?

Paula said...

I like it. When the temperature changes a lot, I'm excited because I can choose a new yarn to add. When it doesn't change, I'm happy because I can go another day without weaving in more ends.