Friday, January 18, 2013


Sometimes when I take a picture of something, it comes out in a different color. Why? First attempt:
Second attempt, with color correction afterwards:

The second picture isn't exact, but it is close. See how it doesn't have any of the same colors as the first one? It's Medusa Cascade, the latest Time Traveler Club yarn.

I like to do pattern searches on Ravelry. I can choose the yardage and the yarn weight. I never need baby or child patterns, so I always click on Adult. I always end up with teeny little hats and sweaters included. Why? The people who add these patterns use tags to show that they are baby or child patterns. Whatever is causing it to happen is also causing it to happen in a cool new Ravelry tool (or potential tool, I don't think it has been set in concrete yet). You go here on Ravelry and it shows you stuff you might like. I like the stuff I've seen so far, except for the baby outfits.

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