Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogoversary -362: the sidebar mysteries

It is not entirely my fault I missed my blogoversary this year. The little counter on the sidebar wasn't working the last time I checked the page.

The things in the sidebar don't always work, but they entertain me. I liked the little weather pixie girl and her cat. Apparently the computer that supplies the weather pixies is not behaving itself and the person who can fix it went off snowboarding several months ago. I'm following the main weather pixie person on Twitter, but haven't seen anything from her in a while. I'll leave my pixie alone for now. Maybe someday I'll click over here and she and the cat will be back.

I'm fascinated with where all the different people come from who drop by here. I like the little colored flags that show up on the list of locations. I can figure out why some end up here, likely people who Googled intarsia in the round and found my posting on that. What I don't understand is the rash of visitors to a posting I did on a swap package with a dragon theme. It was a great swap. LeiLani does an amazing job with the things she puts together. It was a couple of years ago, though, and I have no idea what is in it that a search engine might be supplying to people.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Originally uploaded by Paula knits
I finished something that's made of fiber and it is Friday. There are little pictures of each of the 9 characters from the show Firefly on this project bag. If you open it up and look at the bottom, it says "I aim to misbehave" in machine embroidery. I've been going back and forth about whether it is good enough to send. My inner critic is screaming about how the little people don't line up as they should (poor Book nearly got a haircut). I think it'll be okay. The recipient will be getting some yarn that she'll love and some handmade socks, so maybe she won't mind.

In the semi-finished category, there are:

  • quilt squares all cut out. 3 of 13 finished.
  • a journal has been decorated. I like to make notes in these school composition books that I glue a bunch of things on and in. I've been planning on making a journal bag from some of the recycled sari silk I've got, so that's step one of that project. I'm planning on putting the electronics for the Know-it-all Bag on this bag instead of the one I felted for that project.
  • started a pair of socks for the Firefly swap. It was insane: I had to go down to size 000 dpns to get gauge.
  • started spinning some of the alpaca that'll be blended with the Spindies chocolate samples. I was very naughty and bought another sample box. The theme is Coral and the colors look wonderful.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nothing finished, but lots started

Originally uploaded by Paula knits
These cross-stitched pieces of Firefly crew members came from Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins. Aren't they cute? The remind me of what a Lego version of the crew might look like. They are part of a bigger project which is obviously not finished yet.

I'm about a third of the way through all the brown fiber for my Chocolate Box yarn. I should just wait until Tour de Fleece starts in July to work on this, but it's just so relaxing. That's 2/3 not finished yet.

The new quilt has all of the fabric picked out and most of the pieces cut out. The sewing hasn't started, so it isn't anywhere near finished. It has a name, though: Bloom Where You're Planted.

Remember when I was going to do a granny a day? Neither do I. A whole lot of things moved it back in the queue.

Knitting. I remember knitting, but haven't done any in a couple of weeks! The next project is a secret pair of socks. I actually need to buy yarn for these, so they haven't even been started. I have a pattern and know what color yarn I think I'll use, so that's something.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Finished Object Friday

Originally uploaded by Paula knits
Ta Daaaaah! There are 80 different colored fabrics in that quilt. It was so much fun, I'm starting another one. It's the spring flower sampler from last month's Fab Shop Hop.

I still have one or two bags of UFOs to dig out. They are both stashed away in the same area as the stand for my Dazor lamp. If I pick out all the fabrics for the new quilt, I can get to that area more easily. That's the excuse I'm using, anyway.

I'm continuing to (hand spindle) spin the big box of brown yarn samples. I read this tutorial and almost immediately got thinner and more consistent yarn. It was the drafting that I hadn't been doing quite right. A friend very generously gave me a big bag of brown fiber when she found out I was looking for some to ply with the samples. It's so relaxing to spin, especially as a break from cross-stitch.

I'm working on several small cross-stitch pieces that will eventually be part of a project bag for a swap. I read this morning that the recipient of my swap would like socks. Since I have the time and the yarn, I think I will make her both.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Knitting Emporium

I just got an email stating that the Knitting Emporium in Kennesaw is closing. I'm sorry to see any LYS go, but the owner has family issues to deal with so it is understandable. There's a liquidation sale in progress. I may have to go off of my yarn diet and check it out.

Friday, May 7, 2010

FO Friday

Originally uploaded by Paula knits
I've discovered there's a reason that some UFOs are unfinished. Sometimes you hit a point with them where you just have to set them aside, calm down, and work on something else. That's the story behind these socks. My current UFO is a tiny piece of cross stitch that must be done under a magnifying light. When patience ran out, I switched over to these. They are a short version of the Scar socks from Sock Wars 3. I used my handspun Phat Fiber/alpaca blend. They aren't going to win any beauty contests, but they fit great and the pattern works with the weight of yarn I created. I've learned several things about how I do and don't want to spin and knit things together. I expect my next batch of spinning to show more improvement. I had enough yarn leftover that I'm making another pair with a pattern of my own design. I think I can combine the yarn colors so they look better, too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mini me

It's not quite what I imagined, but it was fun and it's done.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stitch Yourself

I like to play in group stitching projects from time to time. When I saw a Ravelry post about Stitch London's Stitch Yourself project, I knew I'd want to do it. Each participant makes a 6" mini-me that will be displayed in London's Science Museum. Stitch London's provided basic knit/crochet/sewing instructions and then you have the fun of personalizing it.

Yes, I know I said no new projects this month. I'm giving myself permission to do this one, provided all my UFOs are dealt with one way or another. One bag has been emptied. I'll do another one today before I cast on. Really, before I cast on anything, but maybe not before I design the little tshirt she'll be wearing.