Friday, May 28, 2010


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I finished something that's made of fiber and it is Friday. There are little pictures of each of the 9 characters from the show Firefly on this project bag. If you open it up and look at the bottom, it says "I aim to misbehave" in machine embroidery. I've been going back and forth about whether it is good enough to send. My inner critic is screaming about how the little people don't line up as they should (poor Book nearly got a haircut). I think it'll be okay. The recipient will be getting some yarn that she'll love and some handmade socks, so maybe she won't mind.

In the semi-finished category, there are:

  • quilt squares all cut out. 3 of 13 finished.
  • a journal has been decorated. I like to make notes in these school composition books that I glue a bunch of things on and in. I've been planning on making a journal bag from some of the recycled sari silk I've got, so that's step one of that project. I'm planning on putting the electronics for the Know-it-all Bag on this bag instead of the one I felted for that project.
  • started a pair of socks for the Firefly swap. It was insane: I had to go down to size 000 dpns to get gauge.
  • started spinning some of the alpaca that'll be blended with the Spindies chocolate samples. I was very naughty and bought another sample box. The theme is Coral and the colors look wonderful.

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