Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tour de Fleece is over

for another year and I'm glad. Spinning is hard to do when it is so hot that my hands are sweaty. I'm not touching the fiber I'm working on or the spindle or the wheel until it gets a LOT COOLER out.

I met my goals:

  1. spin more consistent and thinner yarn (aka suck less). Check.
  2. spin every day except the official rest days. Check.
  3. spin on the wheel. It was too darn hot to try to make my body learn the coordination. I did get the wheel set up correctly and I'm not scared to try again when I'm more patient. Check.
  4. spin through all the coral fiber and all the alpaca in the bag and ply them together. I left out two mini-batts that were closer to pink than coral to blend in with the upcoming Spam yarn. Check.
  5. spin something beyond the coral and alpaca. I spun the Rose Garden yarn and about a quarter of the superwash BFL I'm calling Last Stop. Check.

I didn't make it quite as far as I expected with the Doctor Who DVDs. I expected to make it to doctor Four. I'm still working on doctor Three.

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