Thursday, July 22, 2010

Challenge Day

You know that saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well, this picture is the opposite. It's the result of my challenge and it'll take about a thousand words to explain why it is a success. In the Tour de France, the bicyclists are having a tough day. I think it involves a bunch of cycling in the mountains. In Tour de Fleece, we are expected to do something that's difficult for us. My challenge was to get my spinning wheel set up correctly and spin on it. I've been afraid of my wheel. I thought I wouldn't be able to spin on it. I was able to get it set up properly and I was able to make the wheel spin around as it should. I was only able to spin a few inches of yarn (it's the brown stuff in the picture). My frustration level was pretty high, mainly due to the temperature. It's 10 pm right now and the temperature outside is still over 80 degrees. I decided that I'll try the actual spinning on some other day when it isn't so frakking hot. Still, I'm not scared of the wheel now. Yay!

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