Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tour de Fleece: Day 17

Day 17
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Today is the Challenge Day. The bicycle people are riding through the mountains. The spinning people pick something challenging to do. I picked spinning on my wheel. I carefully studied the wheel and hooked everything up correctly. I started to spin. After a few spins, the fracking left treadle board was not working.

My challenge turned out to be to learn the technical terms for the parts of the wheel that were not working. The end of the flexible con-rod joint (see blue arrow) keeps pulling free of the con-rod (the stick-like thingy above the arrow). The round silvery thing in it is a screw which is not holding the flexible con-rod joint in place.

I contacted Ashford after checking their FAQ. I suspect that I'm going to need a new flexible con-rod joint.


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