Sunday, July 1, 2007

Working on Hogwort kit

I worked 17 hours of overtime this week. It should not be surprising that I haven't done much knitting. The Hufflepuff bag that I don't need is all done but the shoulder strap. It was worth doing, though, because I'm going to do a variation on it for my Slytherin partner.

I drive past Only Ewe and Cotton Too twice every work day. I went in on Friday and picked up some interesting yarn for the Slytherin bag. In the other half of the same store is The Bead Bug. I went in there on Saturday and got some more supplies. This isn't a secret swap, but I like for there to be some element of surprise. That's why there will be no details until later.

In the next three weeks I have to have the kit done and shipped -and- 18 pages done for a collaborative book. Maybe I won't knit the 18 tiny socks that I meant to do as part of one side of the page.

Maybe I better log off, put on the Coronation Street tape my brother sent, and get knitting!

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