Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lumpy bumpby Slitherin bag

This is the bag I made for Tammy in the second Hogwarts sock swap. It uses the lumpy bumpy yarn I got at Only Ewe.

I also dyed a skein of yarn in Slytherin colors (green and silver). I used two different greens and gray as a tarnished silver :). I had this skein of plain yarn with little flecks of primary colors in it. I used the leftover dye from the Slitherin skein, mixed up a batch of desert rose, and came up with this skein I call Desert Snake. Just what I needed, more sock yarn to choose from.

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Tammy's Knitting Again said...

I love the bag!!! So does everyone I show it to. The yarn turned out perfect and I cant wait to finish the other socks I am working on so I can cast on a project with it. Thank you so much this was a great swap.