Sunday, July 8, 2007

This is a report on sock kit progress:

  1. A handmade kit bag: Done. Stashed in a plastic bag so felines don't get any clever ideas about it being a cat bed. They've been kept away from the yarn so far.
  2. Sock yarn in your pals house colors: yarn will be painted today.
  3. A pair of new knitting needles: ordered, waiting for arrival.
  4. A set of stitch markers in your pals house colors: have materials, may work on them today.
  5. A sock pattern: Done. Stashed in the kit bag.
  6. Surprise: one or more surprises should arrive with #3. I have another one that I think I'll make. I'll be looking for one more thing perhaps.

Tammy, if you see this, please be assured that your kit is coming together. I've gone from unemployment to working massive amounts of overtime recently. It means that I'll be shipping your kit later than planned, but before the due date.

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    Tammy's Knitting Again said...

    Thats ok Take your time and dont stress to much about it.