Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hogwarts sock kit from Carrie

Isn't this the coolest bag? Carrie crocheted it and felted it and filled it with goodies, all for me. The bag's even better looking in person. It's officially now my current sock project bag. Well it will be, just as soon as I decide what my next project will be.

The kit included some Harry stickers, a bag of Jelly Slugs, some Knit Picks classic circulars in size one (perfect) and some purty Hufflepuff stitch markers from Enchanted Daffodils. The pattern for Bumblebug Socks is great. It'll be fun to do and I may actually be able to make the leg part so it fits my legs.

Tied with the bag for my favorite part of this excellent kit is the Hufflepuff 5th years colorway yarn. I knew dharmafey sounded familiar, but it took seeing the yarn for it to click into place. (Brain's damaged from too much overtime.) The yarn's from dharmafey's cosmic fibers, which is Carrie's business. The subtle color changes are so nice. I think this'll be what I'll used for my next project.

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Dharmafey said...

Hey Paula! I'm glad you like your kit! I had a lot of fun plotting that bag. Here I was thinking how a Kit swap is easier than a Sock swap, and lo--just as much work :) Get over there and get the other skein of Half Blood Prince!!