Saturday, May 5, 2018

Stash Enhancement Saturday.

I haven’t wanted to knit socks and my sock yarn stash nearly can be seen from space.  I bought yarn this week and of course, it’s sock yarn.

It came from Fat Girl Sewing which I found on Etsy.

Why?  I was asked to join Team TARDIS for Tour de Sock.  The Tour runs roughly the same time as the Tour de France bike race.  You pay a registration fee which goes to Doctors Without Borders.  You get six sock patterns by established designers.  The first pattern is released, you get the pattern, then you knit like crazy.  You post the picture of your completed socks, which will follow those already completed by several dozen Finns.  People from Finland can knit unbelievably quickly.

But I digress.  You can join a team or do it solo.  There are teams with a wide variety of themes.  There’s no pressure to finish anything unless you apply it to yourself.  The last sock is usually enough to make me want to scream and throw things.  I didn’t finish them in the past 2 years and still finished pretty high in the standings.

There are prizes for those really high in the standings.  There are discounts from sponsoring yarn companies.  I think this is a lot to get back from a modest contribution to a great charity.

Yeah, I know, I’ve gone on about all this before.  I’m avoiding admitting that I didn’t really need more yarn.  I have a little tradition where I use Doctor Who yarn colors when I knit for Team TARDIS.  I’m actually running low on that sort, so I bought Shut Up (pink) and Fantastic! (green).

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