Saturday, March 3, 2018

Easily Bored Sock Knitter

I’m going through some kind of phase where I get bored with whatever I’m doing pretty easily.

The first of the Handmade Sock Society patterns is pretty, but it has a super simple 5 row pattern repeat.

The Girly Feeling socks are nice, but I keep regretting using the Knit Picks Bare for the main color.  The yarn is too loosely spun and fuzzy.  I’m too lazy to start over, though.

I got an urge to use the Must Stash yarn from last summer.  The pattern I picked has a centered double decrease that I could not make look like the pictures.  You would think that after knitting all these years that something like that would be simpler than this.

I’m on the second sock of all three.

While hunting for self striping patterns, I found one written specifically for yarn that’s in my stash.  I happily dropped the others and started on Wonder and Madness.

The yarn is Nothing Says Screw You Like a Rainbow.  Rainbow stripes alternate with white clouds in a blue sky.   It is kind of fun, but maybe I’ll take a break and find pattern for those other Must Stash skeins first.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Isn't Nothing Says Screw You...a White Birch yarn? I have a pair....I have so many self stripe now, I have been looking for patterns to use for some of it...

Paula said...

Oops, just noticed the comments. Yes it is a White Birch yarn. That is a fun pattern.