Saturday, February 24, 2018

PHD: Projects Half Done

Well, some of them are done.  This one's a shawl that was supposed to be for Ravellenics.  I don't like how it came out so I'm not submitting it for a medal.

When I developed an attitude problem toward most of my Ravellenics projects, I went back and finished some PHDs.  This is one of the Valentine's day socks.  I slid it to one side so that all the cables down the center show up.  They came out well.  Yarn in Wollmeise, colorway So Long Kitty.
These are Curling socks.  I actually did some of the knitting while watching curling.  I have no idea how the game is played.  I have an irrational fascination with the people sweeping the ice in front of the curling thingys.

As previously mentioned, I got tired of knitting my Sock Arms sweater.  It may be done by the first anniversary of the current Ravellenics.  Maybe not.

Winter Rose socks, the first pair of this year's Handmade Sock Society socks.  I didn't expect them to come out stripey.

Olympia socks, the one thing I'm doing for Ravellenics that will be finished in time, I like, and should fit.  The little circles between mock cables represent medals that the USA won in the games that are being played in Korea.  It's going to be a marathon to finish any medals that might be won in the next 24 hours plus the toes.

What does one do when one has many projects and no interest in working on them?  Start another one!  This is a pattern called Girly Feeling Socks.  The contrast color is supposed to change every four rows.  There's no way I'm going to work in that many ends.  I used a variegated yarn and like the way it is going.  I think a self-striping might've been even better.

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