Monday, March 19, 2018

Catch Up

I've not been getting back to the computer for one reason or another.  I have been knitting, so here's what I've been doing.

I got tired of working on the stripey socks so I started Covered in Bees:

I was still tired of the stripey socks so I started a pair with the leftovers from two of the Must Stash yarns.  Since one of the yarns was the same one that I was using to do the stripey socks, I was forced to finish them:

In the works in one way or another:
  • Leftover socks.  Half a sock to go
  • Handmade Sock Society #2.  Pattern's about two weeks away.  Yarn has been chosen.  It is pink.
  • Mystery project.  About to dig the yarn out for it.  Will begin once the Leftovers are done.
  • Birds or Trees pillow.  I found a cool double knit pattern for a pillow with a bird and a stylized tree on it.  Pattern proceeds are for charity, so that's one bonus.  I often have odd reasons for doing projects.  The reason for this one is that in the little town I live in, half of the streets are named after birds and the other half after trees.  This amuses me.  I live on the tree side on the only road that isn't named for either.
  • Yet another crocheted blankie.  I've been eyeing a pattern but have not committed to it yet.  

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