Thursday, July 13, 2017

WIP Thursday

Is this the start of a new trend?  I was all set to post yesterday when the camera wanted a recharge.  Then I wanted one.

Yarnia blanket:  One more square and I'm caught up and halfway done.  These are a couple of the bonus squares that aren't actually part of the Yarnia game:

These are the other ones.  I caught the cat asleep on them so they have the purr of approval:

I got the increases corrected on the Harley sweater and am working away onthe body:

Here's the flag shawlette so far:
The sweater and the shawlette are both boring so I've been alternating working on them.  Knit knit knit with an occasional row of cable twists for the sweater.  Knit knit knit with a couple of increases and a decrease on the shawlette.  I'm trying to keep from anything complicated so that I'm free to jump on Tour de Sock in two days.


Helen Caudill said...

love your shawl. are you on ravelry so I could find the pattern and your notes?

Paula said...

I'm Paula on Ravelry. I can't remember the pattern's exact name, but it should be linked to my project.