Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Socks and Shawls and Sweaters, oh my!

Socks:  both of the mystery socks are up to date and about half done.  The Knit From Stash sock is partway through the boring plain foot.
 Albion (mystery sock)
Portwenn (mystery sock)  Still can't see the anchor, but it is there.

Shawls:  I'm working on the borders.  Next task will be digging through my fabric stash for backing fabrics.

Sweaters:  yes, more than one.  Harley starts with a neck band with stitches picked up around it.
I'm going to do the Professor Meow Pullover and have yarn on the way.  I got some extra yarn and plan on extending the sleeves.  Some of us of a certain age have to give up on cap sleeves.  Can you say Bingo Wings?

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