Friday, May 12, 2017

Finished Object Friday

I'm having a somewhat crabby day.  The pictures are what they are. 

I tried repeatedly to get a decent picture of the smallest cross stitch piece and you can see the lack of success.  It's on 40 count silk gauze (that's 40 silk threads per inch in both directions).  The jar lid is about an inch and a half across.  I'm not working that size ever again.

This one isn't quite done.  The wood is a needle box.  I haven't come up with a good way yet to mount the stitching in the oval-shaped recess.  I think I'll make some twisted cord to put around the edge.  The stitching itself is done.  That's 30 count fabric.  I don't think I'll be doing that size again, either.

Both of those sat in a box for somewhere between 10-20 years, so it is pleasing to me to have them done.

This is Dobby's Hidden Sock, a mystery knit along.  They look fairly ridiculous but fit pretty well.
I decided not to put backings on my Hygge shawls.  One is done.  I'll take a picture when I feel like using the camera.  Which I don't right now.

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