Monday, May 29, 2017

Tour de Sock prep

I dug out my TdS mug and a bunch of Doctor Who yarns.
It isn't just me and my silly camera making a dark picture.  Many of the colors are TARDIS blue and kind of dark.  I'll only need six, but this way I won't have to go digging when the time comes.  Time?  Signup is three days away.  The actual Tour is going to be later than the bike event and is about six weeks from now.  Guess who will do anything to avoid cleaning her house?

The yarns are:
  • Allons-y by Skeined Alive
  • Allons-y by Knitcircus
  • The Magician by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • Oncoming Storm by Sheepy Time Knits
  • The New Time Vortex by Quaere Fibre
  • Medusa Cascade by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • Slim and a little bit Foxy by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • TARDIS blue by Knitivity
  • Bad Wolf by A Hundred Ravens
  • Six, a funky handspun by yours truly
If these aren't enough, there are more:
  • Time Traveler by Knit Picks (several skeins in stash)
  • June Doctor Who Club by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • July Doctor Who Club by Mad Color Fiber Arts
  • English Rose by Malabrigo
The last one was another one of those things that had to be purchased even though I obviously didn't need it.  Dizzy Sheep is having a sale.  I needed a replacement needle and they sell Addi Turbos.  I couldn't buy just a needle, could I?  Don't answer that.  You'll see the three skeins on the next Stash Enhancement Saturday.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Awesome yarns!!!!! I have a few of those! I am not joining anything this year, except Loopy Camp. I decided since I wasn't going to travel this summer, I'd do the camp...haven't done it in awhile....but did get a Supernatural inspired yarn for it...haha....

no...I can't hear you...about sales....I really have no need of yarn at the moment...I say to myself repeatedly....

Paula said...

I totally forgot that the Tour has sponsors. The sponsors supply discount codes. I'm in trouble now. Miss Babs has a crazy multi with a lot of pink called Mad Hatter that I must have. Blue Moon has a pretty yarn called Stars Hollow that I might also have to have. Oh, well, there are worse things to be addicted to.