Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hygge Shawl - week 2

This week we did 24 rows of single crochet and then embroidered over what was crocheted.  The instructions have you crochet that red diamond section.  I struggled with it and then switched over to an embroidered chain stitch.  I found it much easier and it looks exactly like the crocheted method.

The cross-stitched part was very easy.  If you cross-stitch, imagine working on 5 count fabric with a single strand of thread.  It was that easy.  The hard part was trying to keep the back neat.  I hadn't planned on lining the shawl until now.  It definitely needs covering up.

I bailed on two knitalong projects.  The socks were coming out huge.  I didn't like them enough to start them over.  The yarn quantities were not working out at all on the shawl.  I didn't like the shawl enough to start it over with different yarn.

That brings my works in progress (or soon to be in progress) to:

  • Hygge shawl jewel - week 2 of 14 done

  • Hygge shawl pinks - waiting to order kit

  • Funky Faerie yarn - handspun from Phat Fiber kit, about half done

  • Yarnia blanket - pre-game information to be released tomorrow

  • Knit from Stash socks - March pattern due out next week

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