Friday, February 3, 2017

FO Friday

I have been mostly cross stitching and not knitting.  Actually, I've been mostly playing (badly) various versons of Angry Birds on my new tablet.  Maybe I'll learn to use the camera part and take some better pictures.  It could happen.

It's not fiber and I didn't make it as much as assembled it.  It's a Doctor Who charm bracelet.

Feldspar socks, which I think are that last of 2016's Knit From Stash.  Or maybe they are January 2017.

Slippery Slope socks.  This is a General Hogbuffer pattern and is a lot of fun.
Leftie shawl.  It's a crescent shape and I lacked the space to spread it out to take a picture.  The Left in Leftie refers to leftover yarns that are used to make the stripes and leaves on the ends.  It is another fun pattern from  Martina Behm of Hitchhiker shawl fame.

Started or almost started are two pair of February Knit from Stash socks. 

I'm also in two shawl -alongs.  The knit one is the Not Seen Before MKAL.  I bought an e-book of patterns for charity.  I didn't have any big intentions of working any of the patterns until I got an email announcing the first clue in a knitalong.  Since it was a) not socks and b) something I could knit from stash, I decided to do it.  Seven different designers supply seven weekly clues.

The other is Hygge Scheepjes CAL.  It is a rectangular shawl with patterns that are cross stitched on it.  Not only am I not knitting from stash, I ordered the yarn from England.  It is on the way.

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